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Hello! Welcome to our blog which is dedicated to our son-to-be. We live in the beautiful Denver area of the western U.S. We have always wanted children but have not had the opportunity to have any ourselves. After many years of research and planning, we have been finally matched with a child of our dreams! We are so excited to bring John home this summer (2012). This blog is dedicated to helping us achieve this reality. Thank you for your support!

Dear friends, family, and anyone else who is sympathetic with adoption, we really need some help. Our total adoption costs are adding up to over $29,000. We have come up with $22,000 and need to come up with the balance before we can travel in July. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated.

Link to make tax-deductible donation specifying Ziemann adoption:
http://intlcare.org/helpingus2.html When paying by check, please include a note saying it is for the Ziemann adoption (but please don't write it in the memo line on the check). If you pay by PayPal, there is a note section in which to specify our family name.

Link to restaurant gift card fundraiser:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yesterday we were asked if we can be ready to travel June 29th or July 6th.  If we agree that both travel dates are acceptable, the actual dates will be finalized in a week or so in conjunction with the date the Chinese consulate appoints us.  If we can't accept this time frame, we will most likely travel to John's province alone.  We hope to be able to scramble and make arrangements so that we can stand ready to travel in June.  Thanks everyone for your great support!

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